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Yoga Lessons

in our Severin Sea Lodge

Yoga under Palmtrees

Yoga - an ancient technique with a traditional philosophy, achieves a balance for body, mind and soul. Gentle body, breathing and relaxation exercises lead to physical and mental well - being.

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Sabine Stehle conveys the benefitsand positive aspects of Yoga with joy and empathy.

Enjoy a retreat from the distractions of everyday life.The peaceful environment of Severin Sea Lodge will help to find yourway back to vitality, balance and relaxation.

The next Yoga journey will take place from 26. January to 08. February 2019. Between 13.01. - 21.02.19 Yoga lessons will take place at Severin Sea Lodge every morning at 07.30 am and on every 2. Day at 16.30 pm. 
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